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Technology Is Becoming A Crucial Resource For Aging In Place

As more and more of us express a desire to remain in our homes as we age, technology is responding with a variety of new ways to keep us safe. For instance, sensors can be placed on appliances such as … Continue reading

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Automated Medication Management is a Resource to Help You Continue to Live Independently in Your Home

As we age, sometimes the number of medications that we have to take on a daily basis increases.  Trying to keep track of which medication to take at which time or even remembering if we took all the medications at … Continue reading

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As You Age, Asking For Help Doesn’t Have to Mean the End of Your Independence

As we get older, we may find ourselves unable to take care of everything the way we used to.  It might be harder to pull the trash can back and forth from the curb on trash day.  It might be … Continue reading

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Even If You Are Not A Florida Resident You Might Need a Florida Probate

When someone dies and needs a probate, that probate is usually conducted in the state in which they are a resident, which is their home state (sometimes a person may appear to be a resident of more than one state, … Continue reading

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A Living Will Is An Essential Part of Your Incapacity Planning

As I was checking in this week for a routine medical procedure, I was asked by the nurse if I had a living will.  I was a little surprised because although I do have a living will, I didn’t stop … Continue reading

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A Joint Account With Your Child May Not Be The Best Idea

Many times, as parents get older they feel that they need to add a child as a joint owner on their financial accounts.  They do this for many reasons. Some feel that it is the best way to plan for … Continue reading

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Does Your Estate Plan Think Your Oldest Child Is a Super Hero?

When you enter the world of estate planning, an interesting phenomenon sometimes occurs.  Your oldest child becomes a super hero.  This is because your oldest child sometimes becomes the child automatically chosen to act on your behalf in all situations … Continue reading

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Who Should You Name As Your Agent Under Your Durable Power of Attorney?

In general, your health care surrogate handles medical matters if you are not able to handle them yourself and your agent under your durable power of attorney handles your financial and other non medical matters if you are not able … Continue reading

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October is National Special Needs Law Month

The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (“NAELA”) has designated October as National Special Needs Law Month.  NAELA wanted to spotlight special needs law to help spread the word to people with disabilities and their families that there are attorneys … Continue reading

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The New Florida Medicaid Managed Care Program for Long-Term Care is Coming to Pinellas County

Florida Medicaid has changed the way it will deliver long-term care services to most of its participants.  This is a statewide change that is being introduced around the state region by region.  Pinellas County is part of Region 5 which … Continue reading

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