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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Treating Your Beneficiaries Under Your Will Fairly Doesn’t Mean Treating Them Equally

If all your children had the same personality, parenting would be much easier.  Whenever you figured out what was best for one, it would automatically be best for the others.  However, as any parent of more than one child can … Continue reading

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A Trust Can Provide Protection For Your Children

Many people aspire to leave an inheritance for their children.  It is perhaps a chance to help your children start a business, save for retirement or achieve a dream.  No matter how large or small the inheritance may be, the … Continue reading

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Charities Can Be Beneficiaries in Your Estate Plan

Many people think of their family members as beneficiaries when they are putting their estate plans together, but don’t realize that their favorite charity can be a beneficiary as well. There are many ways to give a gift to a … Continue reading

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Why Unmarried Couples Need to Put An Estate Plan in Place

If you die without putting an estate plan in place, your assets will be distributed in accordance with the default estate plan set up for you by the state in which you live.  If you are married, that default estate … Continue reading

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