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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Hospice Can Help Patients and Family Members of All Ages

I recently attended a presentation regarding services available through my local hospice and was surprised to hear that they provide services to patients and families of children who are facing serious illness or death, including unexpected death.  The program is … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget Your Pets

When people think of estate planning, they think of providing for their family members and maybe some close friends who feel like family, but oftentimes they overlook some of their most vulnerable family members – their pets.  Pets can easily … Continue reading

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July is Sandwich Generation Month

For those of you who aren’t already juggling the demands of the sandwich generation lifestyle and therefore may not be familiar with the term, the sandwich generation refers to the adult child who is trying to balance the demands of … Continue reading

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Estate Planning Isn’t Just About What Happens When You Die

When clients meet with me to talk about designing their estate plan, they are sometimes surprised that we start with discussions about what happens while they are still alive.  Isn’t an estate plan supposed to convey your wishes for what … Continue reading

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